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2 Simple ways to Motivate your Startup Team

Motivation is a rollercoaster ride - especially in startup world.

The environment is more relaxed and offers more autonomy yet it's more demanding.

Your office space is awesome, but you work long hours.

There's a big aspiration yet you backlash on reality.

For each of the inspiring pros of working in a startup, there is the inherent risk, long hours or uncertainty of continuity.

And juggling all these feelings and expectations can be quite hard.

To work on motivation, there are 2 ways of looking at it: you can work the motivation as a group or as individuals. Good results will always come from using both strategies.

Today we're giving you 2 things you can do to inspire and motivate the people who work with you:

1. Create group identity

We're sure you've experienced this at some point in your life. You either belonged to or observed a group who was so into what they were doing and what they stood for that even people who would never have connected otherwise felt they were the same because they were part of that one group.

Humans are social animals and group behaviour heavily influences individual behaviour (ever heard of peer pressure?).

In this case, you can use it to your advantage to inspire and motivate your team.

Creating a group identity passes through identifying the values you stand for, the way you work and the culture you build. It might take a while to see the results of this strategy but its results will pay off greatly.

Two steps to start building group identity:

a) Either by yourself or together with your team, identify key values you stand for as a group or ways of working you identify with.

b) Find ways to reinforce those values in daily life. For example, use those words as you speak, remind people of what you stand for as a team when you have meetings or have them written all over your office.

2. Identify and work with individual motivations

Everyone's different and everyone has a different reason for doing something. In this case, to work at your startup.

Some people might be motivated to be part of something disruptive and innovative, some people want financial success through equity, some people value the challenge.

If you want to motivate your collaborators in the best way, you've got to know the WHY - why are they in? What are they in for? We've written about a simple lean tool which might be helpful to get you to discover that.

When you know each person's individual motivation, you can reflect it back to them or even develop motivational and recognition strategies according to those motivations.

For example, if your people are interested in having equity, that can be a good motivational factor. If they have no interest in it whatsoever and want to be challenged instead, hackathons or high goals and might deadlines might be a better motivational motor.

Each person is different and each team is unique. 

Doing these 2 things will propel you to start having a more motivated team.

At Storm we build & manage high performing startup teams.

We'd love to help you build yours.

You can find out more about what we do here or email us if you have any questions.

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