• Your team, at its best.

    Storm supports startups' management teams to overachieve

    through leadership and culture management.

  • what + how + why

    We consult + support startup management teams.

    Are we a typical consultancy? No.

    why we were born


    Because startups like yours get a LOT of support on business models, financial planning, etc, etc on all the programs they attend but... no support whatsoever on how to handle and manage people.


    Curiously, people are what make or break your company.

    Knowing how to manage your team is what will make or break your team.


    So our founder Carolina Fonseca created Storm back in 2016.

    how we work


    Unlike traditional consultancies, we become long term partners of the startups we work with.


    Your results are our results - and we breathe results

    We are result driven - that's the air we breathe.

    At the beginning we discuss what results you want to achieve, set up the game plan and support you throughout to ensure it goes from paper to the reality of your company. Deliver results is one of our core values.


    Our programs are focused on long term sustainable change

    When it comes to people management, things don't happen overnight.

    It takes at least 3-6 months to notice changes and more to make them stick. Giving 100% is one of our core values. This means we give you everything you need to adjust course and reach the goals we agreed on - and so we work on long term partnerships.


    Our programs start at 12 months + Initial 1 month program.


    We give you what is best for you

    There are enough people out there telling you what you should and shouldn't do.

    We're not going to (ever!) tell you you should do this or that just because it's in a book or everyone is doing it.

    We'll help you achieve your goals in a way that works for you. Flexibility is one of our core values.


    what we do


    for startups


    1-2 month consulting: if we haven't worked together yet, this is the best starting point.

    In this program, we'll discuss one particular topic you'd like to address in the next 3 months within your company and a half day workshop with the management team + post workshop implementation calls to ensure things go from paper to reality.


    12+ month partnership: we only engage in these partnerships with companies we've worked before.

    In this partnership we will draft a strategic plan & milestones for the length of our partnership, devise tactical steps to implement and have monthly group and individual calls to support you in achieving the results you want.


    for accelerators


    workshop: we've been partnering with acceleration programs who value soft skills training.

    these workshops have a reduced cost covering fee and are tailored to the needs of each program and its participants.


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  • "A startup is an institution, not just a product, and so it requires a new kind of management specially geared to its context of extreme uncertainty."

    - Eric Ries ,The Lean Startup


    "Start to value people, not companies. People are what make up the work that companies produce. Not the other way around."

    - Gary Vaynerchuck - CEO of Vayner Media

    " You gave us tools to reach short term results"

    - Climber Hotel

    "Interesting program when it comes to sharing tools that are important to startup's' success on a daily basis. It helps to structure thoughts & behaviours"

    - Boldplaces

    "(...) are you delivering the results you want to? Can you be more productive? (...)These are questions [they] help you answer very well on a active and interesting session."

    - Beta-i

    "It was so worth the money!"

    - Darwin Labs